Gamma Control


Gamma Control 4.0 → $6.99 on Store or Mac App Store
For OS X 10.6.6 and later. Released December 18, 2013


Gamma Control lets you quickly adjust the gamma correction curve of your Mac’s display. Use it to calibrate the screen for new ambiant conditions without having to go to the ColorSync Calibration Assistant in the System Preferences.

Gamma Control can also be used to simulate the effect of various screen calibrations on pictures and videos. You can save your gamma settings in documents and reopen them as needed to reproduce various conditions over and over.

You can easily toggle on or off the application of Gamma Control’s settings to the screen through a hotkey or by clicking on its dock icon.

The changes you make in Gamma Control are not permanent and the default gamma correction curve will be restored when you quit.

If you have multiple monitors, simply move the window to the screen you want to calibrate and the settings you make will only affect that screen. There’s also an option in the preferences in case you want all screens to share the same settings.

Gamma Control is used by designers and photographers to improve the reliability of the colors on their screen. Other professionals adopted it to match the screen color temperature with the lighting on film sets, for when a screen is put in front of the camera.



OS X 10.6.6 Snow Leopard or later. Moving Gamma Control’s icon from the dock to the right side of the menu bar requires OS X 10.7 Lion or later.

For an earlier version of OS X (down to 10.2.8), use Gamma Control 3.0.3.

Known issues

When another application changes the gamma curve of the screen, default gamma settings resets when it closes. This happend with most screen savers. You will need to click again on Gamma Control’s icon in the dock to reactivate the effect. To work around this problem, you may tell Gamma Control to continuously reapply the correction from the preferences, which will reapply gamma correction each 8 seconds.

If you find another issue, let me know by email at

Version History

Gamma Control 4.0 (16 December 2013)

Gamma Control 3.1.1 (September 18, 2013)

Gamma Control 3.1 (1 September 2013)

Gamma Control 3.0.3 (6 March 2006)

Gamma Control 3.0.2 (12 December 2005)

Gamma Control 3.0.1 (9 December 2005)

Gamma Control 3.0 (2 November 2005)

Gamma Control 2.2 (22 June 2003)

Gamma Control 2.1 (20 April 2003)

Gamma Control 2.0 (16 February 2002)

Gamma Control 1.0 (16 October 2001)