Draw me a diagram

When an idea becomes to complicated and when I’m confused just by thinking of it, the diagram becomes my friend.



For mind-mapping see cross-platform java proggy FreeMind: http://freemind.sourceforge.net/ .. it works quite well on some levels. You can collapse, make clouds, colorise, font-stylize etc.

Y. Rocca

Michel, do you know about mind-mapping, as coined by Tony Buzan? That diagram reminded me of it. I wish I could see the contents of the diagram.I also love the idea of drawing my ideas and projects, and linking the bits to each other this way, too. It’s just that it gets messy with more and more links. I want to develop a program for something like this in the future, which would be very flexible and speedy and with strong databasing capabilities, not like today’s inferior mind-mapping software packages.

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