Privacy Policy

Data collected and its use

Browsing the website

Browsing does not install cookies or other tracking identifiers. IP addresses, requested paths, and user agent strings sent as part of HTTP requests are kept in server logs for one month for diagnostic purposes and to create general statistics about website usage.

Data collected on the website is hosted by a third party provider that can access the data if necessary for diagnostic and problem resolution purposes related to hosting.


No user data is collected while using the apps.

For apps distributed from this website (as opposed to the App Store), some of them can automatically check for updates. Checking for updates will send the current version number of the application alongside a token derived from the license code to evaluate update eligibility and verify the correct usage of each license. If enabled by the user, the app will checks for updates automatically once a week.

Purchases & Licenses

This section applies only to purchases made on this website. Purchases on the App Store are governed by Apple’s own privacy policy instead of this one.

Invoices and receipts are retained in order to comply with the law. This also allow sending (on demand) license code reminders to the associated email address or offer upgrade pricing to returning customers.

Credit and debit cards are processed by a third party (Stripe) who will get the necessary information for processing the payment. This includes your card information, your billing address, and the total amount on the invoice.

If you make a purchase from the website or perform other actions related to app licensing (creating new licenses codes, requesting license reminders) this event is logged to allow for diagnosing problems and for detection of suspicious activity. This data includes a description of the event, including the name and email address provided, alongside the requesting IP address.


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