Gamma Board

Gamma control from a distance.

Gamma Board makes it easy to change the gamma settings for computer screens on the local network. Macs running Gamma Control 6 can be configured from afar using an iPhone or iPad. This is ideal for adjusting the screens while looking from behind the camera.

A gamma remote for an array of screens

Stand back, look at the screens, and tweak the colors from where you are. Gamma Board lets you pick screens on the local network and change their gamma settings remotly, so you don’t have to be at the computer to make changes.


Create separate documents to save settings for a set of screens. Open an existing set to restore automatically its settings to the screens on the network.

Use sets to easily switch between various configurations for all the screens on the network.

Screen List

Inside a set you can see a list of screens that have been added. As soon as the set opens, Gamma Board establishes communication with Gamma Control running on computers on the local network to apply its settings. You can add, remove, and reorder the screens in the list.

The screen list also shows you at a glance which screens are online and offline as well as which screens are currently displaying a calibration pattern.

Adding a Screen

When adding a new screen to a set, you are presented with a list of all the available screens on the local network. Tap a screen in the list to add it to the current set.

Each screen is remembered using its serial number. If this is an external monitor, you can plug it on another computer and Gamma Board will still be able to find it, probably.

Gamma Settings

For each screen in a set, you can edit its gamma settings. They are applied instantly to the screen over the network every time you make a change. Just look up at the screen to see the results.


Each set document starts with one group. A group allows gamma settings for a subset of screens to be controlled simultaneously. More groups can be added to control independently various subsets of the screen list.

Screens retain their individual settings, allowing them to be calibrated independently. Group settings are combined with those individual settings to create the final gamma values sent to each screen.

Calibration Patterns

At your fingertip, two full-screen calibration patterns can show up on connected screens.

Connected to Gamma Control

Gamma Board talks to Gamma Control 6 on your Mac to receive and apply its settings. Install Gamma Control, then check Allow remote configuration in Preferences and this Mac is ready for Gamma Board.

Connect as many Macs as you can to your local network and control all the screens that are attached to them. There is no limit other than the number of copies of Gamma Control you have.

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Note: Seeing the screen list and the screen settings side by side requires an iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7 Plus, or an iPad. They are otherwise accessible as two separate views.

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