Businesses offering services that make use of Gamma Board and Gamma Control can get their own customized version of the two apps.

What you get

Your brand logo in the icon for Gamma Board.

Your brand logo in the icon for Gamma Control.

Your brand logo in the Gamma Control window.

Your choice of default settings in Gamma Control (including preferences and gamma settings), so things are always right for you the first time you launch the app.

An unlimited number of copies of Gamma Control.

No prompt for a license code when launching Gamma Control.

Remote configuration for your brand of Gamma Control only works with your brand of Gamma Board.

Your branded versions of Gamma Control and Gamma Board are similar to their retail counterparts in every other respect.


You need to enroll in Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) as a business to access your branded version of Gamma Board. Your branded version of Gamma Board will be made available only to you through the VPP portal.


$1500 USD base price for the preparation of the branded version.

Your first copy of Gamma Board is included in the base price.
$99.99 USD1 per additional copy of Gamma Board.


Delivery will happen within two weeks2 after receiving payment and your logo assets.

You will receive your branded Gamma Control app by email.

The branded Gamma Board app will be made available only to your Apple ID for purchase through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program. A redemption code will be provided so you can get your first copy. The price for each additional copy of the branded version is the same as the retail verison of Gamma Board (currently $99.99 USD1). You can purchase more copies as needed through the VPP portal.3


Updates to the retail version of Gamma Board and Gamma Control are not automatically applied to your branded version.

Your branded version of these apps can be updated on demand. Updating brings your branded version on-par with the features and bug fixes in the current retail version and can include at your request changes to default settings for Gamma Control or to the logo design.

$250 USD for preparing an update.
$350 USD for preparing an update that includes a logo change.

Note that major new features in future versions of Gamma Board were we charge money for retail customers might require additional payment to be made available in an update. The update pricing above is also subject to change in the future.

Request an Update

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To provide your logo assets, and for any question, write to

Pricing in

The amount is charged immediately. The logo is subject to approbation. If an issue arises preventing the delivery of the two customized apps, the amount will be refunded in full.

  1. Approximate pricing. Payment for copies of Gamma Board goes through Apple’s VPP program and is subject to Apple exchange rate policies for your country. This pricing might not take into account local taxes and duties that could be charged by Apple. ↩︎ ↩︎

  2. Apple needs to review the app before it is made available through the VPP program. Additional delays from Apple may apply. ↩︎

  3. Gamma Board will be available through the VPP as long as we have the ability to distribute through this channel. In the unlikely even that it becomes impossible to distribute Gamma Board to you, the only remedy is a partial refund of the base price prorated to the remaining fraction of the six-month period that follows the initial delivery. ↩︎

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