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Answers to frequently asked questions about Gamma Board. If you have more questions or experience problems, get in touch or .

Where is the trial version?

There is no trial version of Gamma Board. The App Store rules makes it difficult to offer a trial version for this type of app on iOS. You can however try Gamma Control on the Mac to get a good idea of the capabilities of Gamma Board, only with no remote control.

Is there a limit to the number of screens?

No limit. You need to install Gamma Control on each Mac for which you wan to control one or more screens. Thus you need a Gamma Control license for each Mac, or alternatively a single license allowing the correct number of copies for the number of Macs you have.

Why can’t I see my screens in the list?

If when adding a screen you don’t see the one you are looking for, check the following things.

Make sure Gamma Control is open on the Mac attached to the screen you want and that remote configuration is enabled in Gamma Control’s preferences.

The Mac must be connected to the same local network as your iOS device. Generally this means they must both be connected to the same Wi-Fi access point.

Gamma Control and Gamma Board communicate over ports UDP 44188 and 48184. Make sure those ports are not blocked by a firewall. Ask your network administrator if you are unsure.

What is the Main Group?

The main group is the first group in a new document. Creating new groups will allow screens to be put outside of the main group. The main group has no special role: it’s a group like any other that you can rename and delete.

(Note: Groups are available in version 1.2.)

How to create groups?

Tap on the “+” button below the screen list to add a group. Once you have more than one group, the screen list will become split by group. You can move screens between groups and can add new screens at the bottom of the list for each group.

(Note: Groups are available in version 1.2.)

How are the group gamma settings combined?

Settings for a group are multiplied with the individual settings for each screen in the group.

For instance, if you reduce the luminance in one screen’s settings to 0.80, and leave it to 1.00 in the group, the screen will end up with a luminance of 0.80. If you then change the group luminance to 0.5, keeping the screen’s setting to 0.80, the luminance applied to the screen will become 0.40.

How to change the name of a screen or a group?

Once you have added the screen to a set, select it so you can see its gamma settings. Then tap on its name above the settings to make the keyboard appear.

You can give a different name to the same screen in each set.

The process is the same for a group: select the group and tap on its name above the settings.

I don’t have Gamma Control. How do I install it?

Visit the Gamma Control website. You can use the 30-day free trial, after which you’ll need to purchase a license. Note that only one computer on the network can be remotely configured while using a trial license.

How to install Gamma Board on multiple devices?

For an individual, one license allows installing Gamma Board on all devices owned by that individual.

For organizations, you will need one distinct license per device. You may buy from distinct Apple IDs and use those Apple IDs to install and deploy to each devices. Or, better, enroll in Apple’s Volume Purchase Program and buy Gamma Board from there.

Refer to Apple’s App Store license for details about the licensing of iOS apps.

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