Gamma Board Test Flight

To get occasional pre-release versions of Gamma Board, you can register as a beta tester.

Beta versions are open to all. You don’t need to have purchased the app. However, they are not available at all times and expire some time after being made available. They let you test functionalities of the app and help us find problems early.


Tell us what you think or . Feedback is appreciated, but there’s no obligation.

I want to use the app, must I buy it?

Beta versions are only going to be available for certain periods depending on the developement cycle. If you want to use the app at other times, you’ll need to buy it.

You can buy by visiting Gamma Board on the App Store.

About Gamma Control

Gamma Board needs Gamma Control 6 to be installed on your Mac. If you haven’t bought Gamma Control, you can rely on its 30-day trial period. You can also extend the trial by requesting a trial code.

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