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After an hour and a half of difficult research, I can still not tell where this song is coming from. It’s the Spanish song in the following ad. Me and my sister found a good part of the lyrics, but there is probably many incorrect words (and some may not even be words) but it did not help us to find the title or the author of this song. Any help?

… chico

El por sosil
El caccucha givre
El vidal sol

A muchel amor
A hola ceresor

El perro va rebilde
El no ma mandera
Tanga tinde a elma chica perera

El mandera chice tu
Tubunga ricocera
No mysterio …

Update: Yannick Raymond sent me the answer by email:

The title is Águas de Março. Music is from Antonio Jobim. I think the signers are Oleta Adams and Al Jarreau.

By the way, that’s Protuguese, not Spanish.

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