PHP Markdown 1.0.1

So here we are now, at PHP Markdown version 1.0.1. What’s new?

  1. Faster! If you found an older version of PHP Markdown felt like slow, you will probably find 1.0.1 a lot better. In fact, many speed optimisations have been made to this new version so the Markdown to HTML conversion should be faster.

  2. Many bugs solved. The complete list is available on the PHP Markdown project page.

  3. License change. Version 1.0 was available under a GPL license while the new version is released under a BSD-like one.

If you are simply a user of PHP Markdown, this license change won’t affect you much. PHP Markdown is still available freely and without restrictions about how it is used.

From a developer point of view, this new license opens some doors. Like John Gruber explained it, a GPL licence makes it difficult to include Markdown in an open source project with a BSD license. However, the new license stays compatible with GPL because it’s simply less restrictive.

So if you want to use PHP Markdown in your own programming project, commertial or not, it’s possible under two conditions: (a) you must give me credit and (b) you can’t use the “PHP Markdown” name without my consent.


Jeff Hardy

Michel, bravo on the new release. I just upgraded to version 1.0.1 and the speed improvements are definately noticeable.

Thanks for making Markdown available to all us PHP folks.


Thanks for all your work on PHP Markdown (and also John’s work), it has been a great addition to my “toolkit.”

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