Week off and iBook G4

After my summer work at INRS, I enjoyed a week off before returning to my courses at the university. One week, that’s enough to make repairs to my bike, shop some new clothes, and get a new iBook

A new iBook! Exactly. My old tangerine one still work very well even after 4 years and a half, but in the last year I always kept close to the saturation limit of my hard disk. I planned changing that for some time now — and voilà: it’s done.

The major point that sold the iBook to me instead of a PowerBook is battry life. On my old iBook, when it was new, I often got 6 hours on one charge with normal use. In the last four days I was pleased to discover that my new iBook G4 can acheive about the same results.


Michel Fortin

You’re too late Carla. The old one is already gone!


Want to sell your old one to a good home? :)


It’s always cool to exchange a flashy toilet seat for a real computer.



Well, did you get all neety stuff like the airport card?

Michel Fortin

Airport: Yes
In fact, since I took the 1.2 GHz model, Airport was already installed. Also, because there is a wireless network at Université Laval that’s getting bigger each year I would have added it anyway.

Bluetooth: No
I have no use of Bluetooth.

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