What worse could happen

It’s done, Bush has won. And his cabinet radicalize even more.

So, what worse could happen? Hum, simple. Here is what could be worse:

So Bush won, but that’s not so bad. Many things worse could happen in this world.

Now, back to our regular life…


Yaseen Rocca

Hey Michel!

Thank you, mate, for passing by my blog, too. I was well happy to see a comment from you and I instantly recognized your name. :)

You have truly enlightened me with what you said about Canada’s interlinked economy with that of the USA, and how the US puts pressure on the North to unify immigration policies, increase military budget, etc. This is just purely logical and expected; I have no idea why it wasn’t very obvious to me all the time.

I’m also curious what will happen when he visits. I don’t know why I’m expecting at least one funny incident.

I don’t know if you got to read this news somewhere, but here it is anyway:

US Drifted Toward Neo-Conservative Camp: Report

God willing, I will definitely keep in touch here on comments and by email sometimes. Best wishes, and good guidance, Michel.

Michel Fortin

About blog software, I do not know Plone so I can’t really say which is better. WordPress seems good. My email is on the “Me” page.

Michel Fortin

When justice and truth comes from those who are not afflicted by the problem itself, it sounds so much more credible and effective.

Hum… I’m curious about who is not afflicted by it. Bush’s politics have consequences here too in Canada. You don’t know how much our intelligence service “cooperate” with their counterparts in the US. Also there is a lot of pressure coming from the South about “unifying” our immigration policies and our borders for a “more secure North America” about increasing our military budget and participating to the “star war” project.

Half of our economy is directly linked to the United States, so we are pretty vulnerable. The good news is that the government here does not hold the majority currently, making it a lot more sensible to the population wishes.

Also, I have to say I’m curious about what will happen when Bush will come to visit us next week. He was advised not to talk to our legislative assembly since he may not be welcome there. Whatever happens, there will be a lot of protestations in Ottawa and elsewhere.

Yaseen Rocca

Sorry, I have no idea where that “post” in my blog URI came from. Hehe. I guess somehow “spot” was confused with “post” in my mind. Anyway, that’s the right URI to my blog. Peace.

Yaseen Rocca

Thank you, so very much, for these words. You have no idea how soothing to the heart it is, to read these words coming from a non-Arab and a Canadian, a neighbor of the America that is afflicted by Bush and those behind him. When justice and truth comes from those who are not afflicted by the problem itself, it sounds so much more credible and effective. I certainly do hope that your messages will always find its way to so many ears and eyes.

I’m working on moving my blog to my own server, and using WordPress or Plone to manage it. Do you know Plone? What do you think? I only know XHTML and CSS, and still learning PHP. So I’m not sure what to go for. I’d love to keep in touch by email when either of us has time, so if you’re interested, you can leave a comment on my blog and I’ll get back here and send you an email.

Take good care, Michel. Good guidance.


Yaseen Rocca

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