The Big Change in Colors

One year ago, day for day, I was changing the design of my website. And this year, I relapse. Admire the new website design with the colors of a cantaloupe.

In fact, this change goes really deeper than that. I decided to flush the Link section since I did not update it often anyway. The website menu is thus simpler.

The home page with my weblog now contains only the first paragraph of each entry, and only the two most recent ones are shown. My opinion on the old homepage was that it was too heavy. And the weblog archive is now on a single page instead of one for each month. This is a lot better now when you consider the old monthly archive where I published on average one entry per month in the last year.

The Software section changed it’s name, the new name is Projects. I like that better, that’s all. Projects are now using a separate web page design, which should give more importance to the project itself.

This is particularly useful for the updated PHP Markdown project, which now has it’s own menu. There is also a French translation of the Markdown syntax document written by John Gruber. Also new is the Concept page (that I wrote myself) which introduce Markdown to those who don’t know anything about HTML.

So it’s more than a color change, it’s a change in the way the whole website is organised. Note that I’ve put automatic redirects so that old RSS feeds and old page URLs still work.

But if you want the whole story, the change goes even deeper than that. My website now runs using a website framework based on MySQL I’ve built myself. I will discuss this in more details later.



Nice. I like it.

Can’t wait to see Reflex too.

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