Did you feel it?

Earthquakes are pretty rare here. From time to time we get shacked by one, but the magnitude is generally pretty low. Often, earthquakes would pass unnoticed if it wasn’t of seismographic measurements.

Here, last night around 1h20, the ground shacked: not very strongly but enough to notice. The epicenter was about 100 km down on the Saint-Laurence River, near Rivière du Loup. The recorded magnitude was 5.4 on the Rishter scale.

The report from the Geological Survey of Canada give more details and has a map. You can also see the seismic curves Finally, you can also see the live seismic curve from the Geology and Geological Engineering of Université Laval. (At the time I write these lines, you still have 5 hours before this night’s curve get replaced.)

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