Independent journalist in Iraq

I must absolutely pass on this interview of one of the few independent journalist in Iraq who does go on the ground instead of staying in an hotel in the green zone and reporting what the US-backed government has to say.

This excerpt is no good news:

The myth that the US military has control over any portion of Iraq is just that-a myth. Even the heavily fortified “Green Zone” is mortared on a regular basis. If one wishes to fly in or out of Baghdad International Airport, get ready for a spiral descent/take off… as this has been necessary for also over a year due to the inability of the military to safeguard the area around the airport. Like in Vietnam, planes will be shot down if they don’t use the spiral method of taking off/landing.

The infrastructure is in shambles. For most of the western companies who were awarded the no-bid cost-plus contracts in Iraq, it’s their dream contract — guaranteed profits with no oversight. Companies like Bechtel have been paid out in full for their initial contract worth $680 million and awarded contracts totaling over $3.8 Billion, despite the fact that many of their projects in their initial contract were not even begun.

Meanwhile, Iraqis suffer and die from waterborne diseases, child malnutrition is worse than during the sanctions, and there is over 70% unemployment.

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