Michaëlle Jean, Governor General

The political storm around Michaëlle Jean appointment is beginning to take a ridiculous witch-hunt turn. The problem? She is accused of being sympathetic to Québec independentists, and this should deny her Governor General of Canada position. Let me say what I think of this.

It’s easy to flag people as separatist or federalist, but the truth is that people’s opinion usually isn’t totally black or white. Most Québeckers I know have at the same time reasons to say yes and no to independence. This is why referendums are not easy.

I think Michaëlle Jean is part of that group of the majority of Québeckers who haven’t taken (and don’t want to take) an absolute position on the question. I think that for this reason, and also because she is a pretty well known journalist here, many people in Québec identify themselves with her. To find here at an important federal position, even if it is only honorific, can only help Canada’s cause in Québec.

I think it is for this reason some independentists do all they can to force her resignation. And the tories are now falling in the trap.

If Michaëlle Jean appointment can help contain independence ideas in Québec, her forced resignation because of lack of total allegiance to a “United” Canada and the Queen of England may have the opposite effect by showing Québeckers they are not welcome in Canada government.

In conclusion, I hope she does not resign. I think this is a pretty good appointment from Paul Martin. And with all this mediatic pointless debate distracting us from the sponsorship scandal, this make it a even better good move on his part!

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