Multi-Safari Update

This is a followup to my older Multi-Safari entry, which explains a method to run multiple versions of safari simultanously on the same computer.

While this technique works beautifully under Mac OS X Panther, results are a little less interesting with Tiger. On Tiger you can make Safari 1.x for Jaguar work without problem, but any version of Safari built for Panther won’t work because of framework dependency problems. It appears WebKit builds for Panther are linked to private frameworks or public framework’s private symbols. These frameworks and symbols are no longer present in Tiger, so WebKit will not load and Safari will not start.

I’m not sure if you understood all this programming gobbledygook, but the end result is that I have given up making a working version of Safari 1.2, 1.2.3, and 1.3 for Tiger.

I’ll welcome any idea.

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