New Hosting Provider

When I put my website on the “” domain last year, I chose a Montreal-based company that doesn’t cost too much. But recently their service — it wasn’t very good — just got worse, so I decided to make a change. If you can read these lines, it means my domain name now points to a new server from (also Montreal-based).

The principal reason for choosing my old provider wasn’t the price, even if it was pretty low. They offered unlimited bandwidth, which reduce the chances of bad surprises (bills for going over the limit). It was particularly important to me one year an a half ago since I did not have any statistics about how much popular were my software projects and how much bandwidth downloads would take.

Now, things are different. I know this website never exceeded 1 Gb per month during the last year and a half, which means I can choose without much worries a provider with limited bandwidth but with better quality and service.

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