PHP Markdown 1.0.1a

This is a small announcement for PHP Markdown 1.0.1a. This update corrects small problems regarding integration with WordPress. You can now insert blockquotes and automatic links in comments and the Markdown syntax will now be applied to syndication feeds.

By looking at the Subversion repository, it seems WordPress 1.5.1 will solve the last remaining issue. I’m talking about the issue of automatic links and HTML code samples dissapearing from auto-generated post and comment excerpts.


Denis de Bernardy

Sweet, now there’s no longer need for a Markdown fix. ;)

Michel Fortin

That was the intent. After this, when using the latest unofficial WordPress version from the SVN repository, there is no bug left that I know of.

(I’m talking about bugs in the way WordPress integrates with Markdown. There is still some bugs in text parsing.)

Martin Geisler

Please note that there are still a problem with multiple paragraphs in comments — the Markdown fix by Denis is still required to fix this.

Michel Fortin

I’m going to release an update for this very soon. Stay tuned…

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