PHP Markdown Extra

During the last eight months, I added features to PHP Markdown for my own use. Now that they seem to work right, I decided I would release my experiments as a regular markdown.php file usable by anyone. I called it PHP Markdown Extra, because, obviously, it adds extra features on the top of the Markdown syntax. What features exactly?

If you want to know more, you should read the detailed description of the PHP Markdown Extra.

My wish is that one day these features become part of standard Markdown syntax. Since most of these features appear on John Gruber’s toto list for Markdown 1.1 (see the bottom of this page), I belive my hope is realistic.

Until then, I will continue to update both PHP Markdown and PHP Markdown Extra separately. I may also add more extras to the Extra version eventually.

You can download PHP Markdown Extra form the PHP Markdown main page. It is also available on the dingus if you select the PHP Markdown Extra in the Format menu.

Update: A new version (1.0b4) is now available and solve some problems found in the previous one.

To encourage me to further developing PHP Markdown (and PHP Markdown Extra), you are invided to make a small donation. This is not required: PHP Markdown stays free. But know you can give what you want if you think I deserve it and if you have the means.


Dimitris Glezos

Just one word: Thanks.


Excellent! I really needed the definition lists. Tables are great as well. Thanks.


One feature missing from Markdown is the ability to align (left, center or right).

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