Sim Daltonism 1.0.1

This small update to Sim Daltonism solve a problem that prevented the application from running on some G3 processors. While I had tested the application on two G3 computers prior releasing version 1.0, it looks like some G3 iBooks and PowerBooks didn’t like it. So here it is, this new version should now work correctly on your computer.

So what was the problem? What I did is deactivate autovectorisation that seemed to create binary code uncompatible with the G3. I previously thought autovectorization creates a not-vectorized path for the G3s; I’m not so sure anymore. Anyway, after some inspection it seems the vectorizing compiler isn’t able to optimize any of the critical parts of the code, which render autovectorization useless for Sim Daltonism.

I’ve added on Sim Daltonism page some requirements and a version history which you can read. You will find that Sim Daltonism works on Mac OS X 10.2.8; this is based solely on the fact that it compiles well using the 10.2.8 SDK in Xcode. I haven’t found a computer running that system to test on.



Hi Michel,

I like Sim Daltonism very much. It is really easy to use und much faster than the similar web tools. I featured it in my Freeware Weblog. Everyone who is working on accessible websites should have it in his toolbox.

Cheers, Holger.

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