The State of Reflex

Yesterday I got a nice, simple, and direct question in may mailbox: “How goes work on Reflex?” The answer is that it’s taking more time than I expected (it’s not the first time I say that obviously). But it’s also going to be something great when it goes out.

What’s happening is that I’m currently building the administrative interface, and it forces me to rethink one by one many things of the underlying system. The interesting thing is that the admin interface will be made from same template system you’ll use to build pages of your Reflex-powered website, which imply that it will be easy to make forms on any page that can create or edit parts of your website. It’s a little tricky to get everything work right, but I’ll get to it eventually.

To those who fear that I’m mixing the application logic with the display logic by putting everything in the template, don’t worry: it’s not the case. The template only choose the logic to use on a page (like which button performs which action), while the framework or modules define the action (with some PHP code).

This makes Reflex a mix between a traditional CMS (where you manage the content, and the logic is all decided for you) and a web application framework (where you write both the application logic and the pages).


Jeff Thomas

It sounds more exciting every time I hear a little bit of information! Dare I ask what is your next target date for release? ;) I don’t think anyone will mind you taking your time to do it right.

Michel Fortin

Should I choose a target date? On one hand it could give me just enough pressure to get things working faster. But I already tried that and it didn’t work.

Anyway, let’s try this one: January 1st, 2006*. Wouldn’t that be a great day for a new software release?

* I reserve to myself the right to choose another date at any time.

Jeff Thomas

Would you consider posting some screenshots of the administration interface to indulge the curious among us? Maybe a mock-up if the real thing isn’t ready to be seen? Sigh… I don’t want to take your time away from real work, but I’m intensely curious!

Michel Fortin

Screenshots… that’s actually a pretty good idea. I’ll take some for next week.


So, to acknowledge reality while still maintaining hope: are you choosing another date? ;D

Michel Fortin

Well, there won’t be anything about Reflex this January 1st. I’m still planning to release something in January though.

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