Who said the G5 was so much powerful?

A graph on this page says that a Mac Mini can beat an iMac G5 when the later is in automatic energy saving mode. Interesting.


François Chabot

Hmmm… Such results are, indeed, curious… My first impulse would be to blame the benchmark software. It’s probable ( while a quick search yielded nothing ) that the programs in question, XBench and cinebench, have been compiled with the instruction set, optimisations and instruction scheduling of the G4 processor. Comparing machines with code compiled precissely for one of them seems rather unfair. Now, if they compiled the benchmarking software on the tested machines…

On the other hand, Apple’s documentation says that, under heavy processor usage, the IMac G5 automatically returns to its nominal speed ( doubling speed actually! ). This, by itself, is rather strange no?

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