God Bless Canada

And now we’ll have a Conservative minority government. And now we’ll have to listen to a prime minister who finish his speeches with « God Bless Canada! » And now we’ll have a prime minister with many positions close to those of George Bush. The truly interesting question now is how will he going to make compromises and for how long can he hold in there?

On the morning after the elections, here are the results, still preliminary since some polls have not been reported yet:

Conservative Liberal Bloc Québécois NDP Green Party Ind.
Seats 124 103 51 29 0 1
Seats 40.3% 33.4% 16.6% 9.4% 0.0% 0.3%
Votes 36.3% 30.2% 10.5% 17.5% 4.5%
Votes 5,369,827 4,476,098 1,552,043 2,590,663 665,876

Other statistics: it seems 14,815,680 people did vote, on 22 812 683 registered electors, which brings voter turnout to 64.9%.

Meanwhile, let’s hope that our new prime minister will be able to keep religion out of politics, that he won’t send our soliders to Iraq or somewhere else just to please the United States, that he won’t spend money on that unproductive ballistic-missile defence system, that he will try to respect the Kyoto protocol in which Canada is already engaged, that he won’t reduce abortion rights and that he will be able to stands against the United States if needed. Am I dreaming in color? Maybe. But after all this is a minority government and everything can happen… especially since these things was in the platform of every other party that will be represented in the House of Commons and who, together, hold the majority.


Mani Monajjemi


As a non-canadian I have no right to be fan of conservatives, but As an Iranian , I can say conservatives can change world in order to decreasing not-democratic governments power, Liberals are very kind againt those countries,

I don’t like wars but when we gonna make omelet, we should break some eggs !

Conservatives(in US) use war as good tool , That’s sometimes necessary… I am living somewhere that I can feel what Iraqies felt in the Saddam’s Era, Without conservatives governments in US/UK/Australia , A mad man like Saddam might have had the power till now!

[Sorry for bad English]


It’s very dangerous to play the ends justify the means game, let alone give governments that mandate.

When no WMDs were being found was when it became all about “liberating the Iraqis”, and not before.

These fellows depend upon polarizing their opponents, as if disagreement with them declaring an unjustified war means doing absolutely nothing.

When in power, the US Democratic party, among other world governments, past and present, have been and are involved in military-based peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts.

Sometimes these efforts accomplish something, and sometimes they do not. It’s certainly worth at least giving it an intelligent try first, as opposed to sitting on our thumbs until we feel like we’ve got nothing else to do, then declare war on already unstable countries. There’s no easy answer, and no easy road. Bush would have us believe there is - his way.

Michel Fortin

Pretty interesting view Mani. Are you sure however that the people in Iraq have a better life now? I’m not convinced at all. They seem to have traded a dictator for an occupant, a police-state for an almost civil-war-state, and in the meanwhile lost control of their national oil ressources, lost water and electricity in most cities, got national treasures in museums stoled, have more and more depleted uranium in their environment than ever before (wich probably means health trouble for many years to come) and now have about 100 000 estimated civilian casualties (and this is an old number from october 2004).

Now we could argue that doing nothing wouldn’t have been better. But I would argue that the hidden reasons Bush wanted to go into Iraq was to take control of Iraq’s oil, and to install permanent military bases in the middle east, and this is why so much people are resisting: they don’t want a puppet government, even if it looks like a democracy. At least, that’s my view on Iraq now.


Well, I do respect your openion Michel, The diffrence between you and me is , that I am living in Iran(an Iraq-like country) and have a sister living in canda for more than 9 years , but You are a Canadian citizen without any family here , I can easily compate countries now , I know , in this world no one does thing for the others for free! Maybe the Bush main reason to invade Iraq was energy.

Iraq and Iran are neighbours. We have many things in common, We also can see Afganestan after war , It was not bad for them at all, In Iraq the terrors are in middle parts of the country where “Sonnies” are the majority, who lost their power through the war , but Northern and Southern part of Iraq is peacefully quite!

Islamic Radicals are the most dangerous people now in the world, ‘cause they don’t think , they just go back of their closed mind and make violence, They are so afraid of a Federal & Liberal Iraq. That’s why the Iraq is now unsafe. Countries like Iran and Syria afraid of a Democtratic Iraq , too , so they help Radical indirectly.

Please understand my suffering experiences in such ideologic country like Iran , Something you might never experience.

They tell that there are such big snakes in the hell, that people seek refuge in scorpions!

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