While the current federal election campaign in Canada is nearing to it’s end, its seems the media is focusing more and more at Paul Martin’s defeat and Stephen Harper success. This push aside others who may have good ideas. So I’m going to give a voice to someone who could have made the tv debates much more interesting, if only he had been included.

Green Party leader Jim Harris has been excluded by the tv consortium from the two debates. That’s unfortunate as I think he’s giving a very fresh look on what politics should be. But don’t believe what I say, watch him talking at the Empire Club in Ontario to get an idea of what he’s up to. Go to the 38th minute of this CPAC video (Windows Media), right after Duceppe answers.

And I won’t hide that I’ve been helping (on my own time) the green candidate in my district to build his web site (in French), unveiled last week. Ironically, when I accepted helping him I hadn’t chosen yet for whom I’d vote. That was somewhat his chance at convincing me seeing what he would write on it.

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