That name may sound familiar: Hermione is the name of a main character in Harry Potter. I suppose it isn’t a too common name since I’ve never heard it elsewhere. But today I’ve learned that Hermione is also the name of the fregate that brought Marquis de La Fayette in 1780 announcing French reinforcements to George Washington during the American revolution. And it appears that the Hermione is being rebuilt as we speek.

It’s interesting to know that J. K. Rowling may not have made up this name out of nowhere. But there still is a couple of other things called Hermione too: there were seven ships HMS Hermione in the Great Britain Royal Navy, there is an asteroid 121 Hermione, and a couple of other things.

If you followed the previous link, you’ll trace the origins of Hermione to a figure in Greek mythology. After twenty years of the Trojan War, Helen was retaken by Menelaus and gave birth to a daughter named Hermione.

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