Invasion of Canada

Did you knew that the USA had secret plans to conquer Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico in the 30’s? Apparently, that’s all in the national archives. Floyd Rudmin examine the compulsive behaviour of thinking of the worse and preventing hypothetical situations by going into unprovoked wars. I’m quoting Secret War Plans and the Malady of American Militarism:

But Americans feel more threatened than most other people on the planet. The U.S. military budget now exceeds that of all other nations combined. The U.S.A. is now the only nation with two defense departments; one to defend the homeland and one to… to do what? To project “defense” of America outside of our borders into other nations? That is normally called “aggression”.

Projection may be the key to marketing military projects in America. These may begin as “realpolitik” projects: schemes to take economic resources, for example, to increase trade or to control oil. Then we imagine that others are planning to do to us what we know we are planning to do to them, like the “Golden Rule” in reverse. It is classic psychopathic projection. And we feel fear. […] Thus we enter an accelerating cycle of belligerence and fear; each feeding the other and turning “aggression” into “defense”. We imagined that Nicaragua’s Sandinistas would invade Texas. We imagined that a socialist government in Grenada would destabilize the Western Hemisphere. We imagined that Iraq would put nuclear bombs into New York subways. These are all comic claims, but many in America did not laugh. Instead, we attacked these nations.

So, are the two US defence departements psychotic? I’d tend to say yes, but maybe they are just trying to justify their insane funding.



How do you count only two? I understand some of the reasons, but I have always thought it would be cheaper if some of the Army/Navy/Marines/Air Force/National Guard/NSA/TSA/DHS were merged.

After all, they each seem to have resources in the three main categories: Land/Air/Sea. I could understand it if the Air Force flew planes of Navy Ships which docked at Army Bases…. but it ain’t so.

Michel Fortin

I said two as an allusion to the article: the homeland security departement and… “the rest”. But I think the important point here is that the amount of money wasted on planning “defense” and growing the army (Air/Sea/Intelligence included) is totally unjustified: paranoiac at best, greedy at worse.

All this reminds me of The TrueMajority OREO video.

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