Minor Changes

Everywhere, there is always something to improve, especially when we’ve made the thing ourself. Today I’ve improved my website with two small changes. Take the time to look around and if you regularly come to my site you may be able to spot the changes. Or you can read what follows…

First change: Added a logo on the project pages. Ah! Don’t forget that the project pages have a completely different design. Now, if you go see PHP Markdown or Gamma Control you’ll always know you’re on my website because of the small sail boat I added at the top. You’ll also find out that I removed the rounded corners and that the first header isn’t in small caps anymore.

Second change: Widening. So simple, how not to see that at first glance! The page you’re reading is now 45 em wide instead of 44. Projects pages get a bigger enlargement with 44 em instead of 40 (the true question sould be how would you see that?!). Of course, you won’t see any change if your browser window is not wide enough. All this because I was feeling my pages where a little to much squeezed. And no, I didn’t expect anyone to find out just by looking at it.

So, what do you think?



I love your site (and Markdown), its look is very friendly, tidy and is easy to read. Of course I would not have noted the changes, but I’m sure they are for the better. :)

Actually, though, I follow your news feed to catch the release of Reflex which was scheduled for May, wasn’t it? Now it reads “in summer” … too bad.

Well, keep up the good work. Zyb.

Michel Fortin

Actually, Reflex was originally scheduled for last summer. I guess I’m about a year off-target. But I’m still working on it; Reflex is turning into something very interesting. I really expect it to be ready in a month or two, by then its going to be summer.

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