I have in my “projects” section three Mac OS X applications. Now that there is a version of Mac OS X for the Intel processor of the new Macs, I’ve recompiled them to universal binaries that can work natively on these new computers. Black Light and Sim Daltonism are now universal while Control Gamma has been since last December.

I do not have an Intel-powered Mac to test them however so I’ll have to rely on bug reports to fix any glitch. And I’d be pleased too if someone could tell me everything works fine. :-)

Black Light

This release of Black Light, beside being universal, brings two small improvements:

The PowerPC-only screen saver from the previous version will probably not work on Intel Macs. This update should fix that.

Sim Daltonism

The sole purpose of this update is to bring speed to the Intel Macs. As filtering an image in real-time is a processor intensive task, it should help to have a native version instead of counting on Rosetta emulation.

Beside that I’ve arranged the application so that if you click on the dock icon when there is no longer a filter window on screen it’ll create a new one automatically. Previously you would need to go to the File menu and select New Filter Panel.

Gamma Control

Gamma Control was first “universalized” in December when new Intel-powered Macs were rumored for January’s MacWorld. I’ve made a new release only to fix a bug I’ve been made aware in February preventing the application from working on Mac OS X 10.3.9.

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