Who Stopped the Wayback Machine?

This story began when I visited the archive for my website from The Internet Archive. To my great surprise, I found out that the archive does not contain anything newer than March 2005. Since this correspond roughly to my last redesign, which changed the root page for a redirect, I first thought that it could be the cause.

But today, I look the archive for other websites and I can’t find anything archived beyond spring 2005. No archive beyond April 2005 for Apple or Microsoft, Google or Yahoo, Slashdot or Ubuntu, the CBC or the BBC.

So what’s happening? Maybe the answer is in their FAQ, which states:

Right now there is a 6-12 month lag between the date a site is crawled and the date it appears in the Wayback Machine.

Except that now we are at September; that would make 17 months, 5 months beyond 12.

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