Beta Testers Needed

I have some new Mac software which I’d like to throughly test before the first public release. It’s going to be a shareware utility to improve the “choose the right app when double-clicking a file” problem, which Snow Leopard made sometime worse sometime better by dropping support for creator codes. So I’m currently searching for some people to find the remaining bugs prior release.

In essence, my software can restore the old behavior of using creator codes, but selectively only for the file types of your choosing. This goes however much further allowing you to choose the right application based on various other characteristics of a file.

Note that this is beta-quality software, not yet ready for production, so there might be some anomalies and although I have taken some precautions, it could leave your system in a strange state. This most likely means incorrect associations between files an applications. And, even though it shouldn’t happen, I won’t take responsibility if it corrupts any of your files, so you should make sure you have proper backups (may Time Machine helps you with that).

So if you still want to participate in the beta program, please drop me an email saying so. If you are chosen, you will be added to a mailing list with other beta testers. You will also need to have a computer running Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) as this won’t work with older versions of the operating system.



Contact at Alan Hogan dot com - I may ask you to return the favor with my upcoming app Rawrchive, assuming you are a Twitter user!

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