Snow Safari

One thing I haven’t seen discussed anywhere is the level of details that went in the new look for Safari 4 on Windows. Version 4 brings back Windows-style dialog boxes (a poor imitation of it to be true). But the browser window is showing something new. It looks a lot like Mac OS X controls, but they’re whiter, have subtle but nice rollover effects and the text boxes corners are now rounded. I’m left wondering if this couldn’t be a glimpse of a new look for Snow Leopard.

(Note the rollover effect on the bigger A button in the above screenshot.)

It’s not as if there wasn’t a precedent. When Safari 3 for Windows appeared, it used Leopard’s window style, even though Leopard wasn’t out at the time. What’s different this time is that we haven’t seen glimpses of what the Snow Leopard UI will be, we don’t even know if it will be different. But somehow, I feel they didn’t went to all this trouble defining this new style only for the Windows Safari toolbar.


Alan Hogan

Tantalizing. Nice find!

It looks a but more Windows-esque than I would imagine an OS X interface refresh to be, though


hhm, that’s right.

rounded is bad and not good i think :(

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