D for Xcode 1.2

It’s been a while since DMD for Mac OS X has been available, but I haven’t made an official release of D for Xcode to support DMD. Today I’m fixing that.

So D for Xcode 2.1 now supports DMD. It comes with an installer package that does the following:

This means that someone can just run the installer and immediately start writing and compiling D code within Xcode, a nice improvement on the previous state of things. It’s using DMD 2.x by default, but there is no problem installing both versions at the same time and changing the default if you prefer working with version 1 of the language.

More details and some screenshots on the D for Xcode website.



Love you for that. Actually today I wanted to try it myself when I suddenly red these great news. Im writing my master thesis with D2. Until today I was using makefiles with xcode to get the stuff done. You safed the day

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