The best feature of Safari 5

Safari 5 adds better HTML5 support, faster browsing, and a few other small things. Here’s one thing Apple didn’t announce however:

Its return of the combined address field and progress indicator! It’s nice when a company can recognize its mistakes. The “Loading” thing introduced in Safari 4 was so unhelpful by not showing progress and hiding some part of the address.

Also, now that Safari 5 is out, some of you will be looking for Safari 4 on the Multi-Safari page; it’s coming in a day or two. I plan to make a Leopard and a Snow Leopard version.



Sounds nice, I’m waiting for Multi-Safari of 4.x! Thank you so much for your controbution.

Jakub Pawlowicz

Thanks Michel for outstanding contributions. Looking forward to Multi-Safari 4!

David Knowles

You da man! thx very much

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