Asounding 1.1

It’s been about one year and a half since the first release of Asounding in September 2009. Since then I got a few sales and some feedback. Two things were clear: it worked well, but the release was somewhat lacking in polish and some people wondered how to use it in their project. Oh, and I also got a few requests for the ability to change the pitch for sound effects. Version 1.1 of Asounding, released today, addresses all that.

There is another thing that was bothering me, although nobody complained about it. Asounding is licensed either under the GPL license or under a commercial license. Given the recent polemic about how GPL apps are incompatible with the iOS App Store, it seemed to me that the GPL license was too restrictive.

So each file in this release harbors an exception to the GPL so you don’t have to disclose the digital keys used to sign the application for distribution on the App Store (keys that only Apple has):

As a special exception to the GPL, you may distribute a compiled application including this file on the Apple App Store for iOS without having to redistribute the digital keys needed to reproduce the digital signature needed to run an application on an iOS device. This exception does not invalidate any other requirements put on you by the GPL.

So if you release the full source code of your application under the GPL, you can use Asounding free of charge. If not, there are still other options.

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