Black Light: FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about Black Light. If your question is not answered here or you experience problems, please get in touch .

How do I set the time to deactivate an effect?

There is always an active effect in Black Light, so to deactivate an effect you need to choose another effect to activate. Tip: create a new effect, don’t touch any of the settings, then choose an activation time.

How do I make the screen all red (no green, no blue)?

Check the color filter checkbox, move the vividness slider to its maximum and choose Red as the tint. This will remove all the green and blue light, at least as much as your screen makes it physically possible.

Colors get reset temporarily after certain events

This can happen when another app fiddles with the gamma curve or when the system resets it after some event (plugging a new display for instance). Black Light will reapply its effect, but you will see normal colors with no effect for a few seconds.

Can I use the direct version if I purchased from the Mac App Store?

Yes! The direct version Black Light can recognize your Mac App Store purchase. For this to work, you must first install from the Mac App Store and launch the app at least once. After that you can replace the app with the one downloadable on this website and it should recognize the purchase.

I purchased an earlier version, do I get a discount?

Yes, if the purchase is a direct purchase from this website. If your purchase was made after the 1st of October 2023, Black Light 3 is free of charge. Otherwise the discount is 30%. To get your discount, check the Upgrade from Black Light checkbox on the purchase page.

This discount is valid for previous purchases of Black Light and Black Light Pro.

Apps sold on the App Store aren’t eligible for upgrade pricing.

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