PHP Markdown: History

This page shows the history for PHP Markdown Lib. You might also be interested in the classic version history.

PHP Markdown Lib 1.9.0 — 1 Dec 2019

PHP Markdown Lib 1.8.0 — 14 Jan 2018

PHP Markdown Lib 1.7.0 — 29 Oct 2016

PHP Markdown Lib 1.6.0 — 23 Dec 2015

Note: this version was incorrectly released as 1.5.1 on Dec 22, a number that contradicted the versioning policy.

Note that in older browsers the variant selector is often interpreted as a separate character, making it visible after the arrow. So there is now a also a fn_backlink_html configuration variable that can be used to set the link text to something else. Credits to Dana for providing the implementation.

PHP Markdown Lib 1.5.0 — 1 Mar 2015

PHP Markdown Lib 1.4.1 — 4 May 2014

PHP Markdown Lib 1.4.0 — 29 Nov 2013

PHP Markdown Lib 1.3 — April 11, 2013

This is the first release of PHP Markdown Lib. This package requires PHP version 5.3 or later and is designed to work with PSR-0 autoloading and, optionally with Composer. Here is a list of the changes since PHP Markdown Extra 1.2.6:

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