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Most pages on this website and weblog entries on this journal are available both in french and in english. But not all of them. And comments attached to weblog entries are — of course — only available in the language they has been written with.

Currently, comments in english are attached at the bottom of weblog pages written in english, comments in french are attached at the bottom of weblog pages written in french. The drawback of such a system is that not everyone realize that there is a page in their language, and, even if the reader is bilingual, he miss some comments he could read.

I’ve been thinking of a system where comments both in english and in french are all available on the same page, with a drop box that would allow the reader to apply a filter so he sees only comments in a language he can read.

Because I’m preparing a new version of this web site, I will use this occasion to make the link that leads to the page in the other language more visible. Until then, if you can read both english and french, you are invited to click on the “Français” link at the top of this page, and on most pages of this site.

Maybe I will implement the filter idea at some point later. What do you think?


Michel Fortin

I know about the french comment preview bug. It will be fixed soon.

Thanks for your input. It was not my intention to make the bilingual view the default.


I’m not anywhere near bilingual, so it wouldn’t be helpful to me. :)

If you made the filter so that it takes into consideration where you’re reading from (log.php versus journal.php) and makes that language the default selection, I wouldn’t have a problem (albeit if I did, it’d just be a minor annoyance) with it being there for those who are.

By the way, I somehow have been taken to your French comment preview instead of English.

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