I’m someone who loves to learn about everything, whatever it is computer, physics, sociology or anything else. I’m someone who loves projects of many kind — as long as it respect my values — and always full of good ideas. And I am someone who just received his Bachelor in Computer Engineering degree.

So, where I am now in my life? The next logical step would probably be to find a job, and I’m confident it won’t be too hard to find one in my region. But before that, I want to take some time to complete (or maybe I should say to start) a project I want very much to release: Reflex. I’m talking about the framework that empowers this web site.

Reflex is a framework built to manage a whole web site. The goal is to make easy creating a website hosting many web applications (forums, weblogs, wiki) but still leaves much room to the web site designer about the visual aspect and the URLs.

My planning say that I will release a first public version of Reflex at mid-august. Until then, I still have much work to do and a week of vacation in Abitibi.

Stay tuned to this weblog for more information on Reflex.


Michel Fortin

Congradulations, Michel. From your namesake in Ottawa :)


Congratulations! Any thoughts on graduate school?

Michel Fortin

Graduate school, yeah, thought of it. But I think I have done enough school for now, and would like to concentrate on other things.

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