PHP Markdown Extra 1.0

A little while ago, I introduced PHP Markdown Extra, a special version of PHP Markdown with some extra features. Added to standard Markdown syntax are smarter HTML block processing, the ability to parse Markdown inside such HTML blocks, simple tables, definition lists and a small change to underscore-emphasis rules. Today I’m fixing some small bugs, adding a new extra feature and bumping version number to 1.0.

Have you ever tried to make intra-document links with Markdown? This is a little painful since you have to write headers in their HTML form because you can’t set the id attribute required to be able link to it. To remove some of this ugliness, PHP Markdown Extra has a new special syntax for this:

Header 1            {#header1}

## Header 2 ##      {#header2}

When using this syntax, headers will have their own id attribute and you will be able to link to them this way:

[Link back to header 1](#header1)

PHP Markdown Extra can be installed anywhere PHP Markdown can (WordPress, TextPattern, etc.). It is available from PHP Markdown main page. You can also read the complete PHP Markdown Extra syntax description.

Finally, if you like this software and want to encourage me pursue its development, you are invited to make a donation to me; please specify it is for PHP Markdown Extra.

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