Sim Daltonism

This is the release of a project I begun last year, which I had to stop because of insufficient performances. Now, with GCC 4 and autovectorization, and also with some other optimization, I accelerated the process enough to make it interesting. Here is Sim Daltonism 1.0, first release of my real-time color blindness simulator for Mac OS X.

I do not have much more to tell than what is already written on the application page. So I will talk about the icon. The photograph is divided in two frames, on the left it is passed through the protanopia filter (green-red color blindness), on the right through the tritanopia (blue-yellow color blindness) and around the frames the picture is not filtered.

Under the photograph you can find three spectrums: on the middle you have a normal spectrum, over and under it you have the same spectrum passed through protanopia and tritaniopia filters.

As you can see, I created this icon in 512 by 512 pixels, which is four time the size of a Mac OS X icon. Then I reduced it to make it 128, 48, 32, and 16 pixels.

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