Command-Shift-D Adventure

Today I was writing a message in Mac OS X’s Mail application. Then, like I always do these days, I put my mouse pointer over a word and hit the key sequence for Mac OS X’s built-in English dictionary: Command-Shift-D… Oops! I meant Command-Control-D… But too late, before having realized what I did, the message window disappeared.

It took me one or two seconds to grasp what was happening. The little activity indicator icon was spinning near the Sent Messages mailbox: the email was being sent! So I used the fastest method at my disposal to stop the operation and unplugged the ethernet cable on the side of my laptop. But in the end, against the computer, I was too slow and the message was already sent.

Well, that message to the Markdown discussion list was not particularly important, but I would still prefer if this sort of thing could not happen as easily. So I went to the keyboard and mouse system preference panel and customized that menu shortcut. Beside Mail’s Send menu item you can now read Control-Option-Shift-Command-D.

That makes me feel better.

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