Pixel Is Not Screen Pixel

It looks like the Safari teem is preparing grounds for the advent of scalable user interface which could come in the forthcoming Mac OS X release. Scaling the user interface means that you change the size of windows, buttons, icons, menus, and everything else to adapt it, say, to a screen having four times the number of pixels in the same area. And since it affects everything that is on the screen, it affects web sites too.

All this means to application programmers that there will be two pixel units to deal with: virtual pixels relative to the user interface scale, and real pixels for screen pixels. Web designers won’t be set apart. That’s what’s needed to improve image definition on the screen, applying to applications and the web.

Surfin’ Safari welcomes you to High Definition Web Sites. Well, to make things clear, they never really talk about scalable user interface in there, but there are other signs pointing it is comming. So did 1+1 and found 2.

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