Fortunately, we are not in a two-party system!

Ever followed a presidential campaign in the United States? Given the overkill media attention a U.S. election gets from international media, who wouldn’t? Well, I’ve just read this very touching piece from a former U.S. citizen, now Canadian citizen, who is about to vote at her first Canadian election. Despite the fact that the campaign revolves too much about form and not enough about policies, and despite the fact that we desperately need a reform towards proportional representation, she shows that she still has a real choice :

See, for the first time in my nearly two decades as a voter, I will have the option of voting not for the lesser of two evils, not for a candidate and a party who are still lightyears away from me on the political spectrum, but for someone who actually comes very close to standing for what I believe in.

And this is what an election should be all about: choosing someone who will represent you well. If only more journalists were helping the citizens through that task instead of making the campaign a sport, commentating performance, errors, and pool results.

So on January 23, please vote; vote for a candidate you feel will represent well your view, someone you think will bring good policies to you and other Canadians, someone you feel you can count on.

And if you’re not sure for who you should vote, get informed, look at the platforms, ask people around you, or even call you candidates and ask questions. It’s the duty of every citizen to keep informed and vote knowledgeably.

On this I say: Good Election!


Idealistic Pragmatist

Thanks for the feedback. One small correction, though: this particular idealistic pragmatist requires female pronouns!

Michel Fortin

Oups, sorry! So that’s why I had the unsure feeling I was forgetting something while writing my entry. It’s corrected now, here and on the French version of my weblog.


Indeed, our parlimentary democracy kicks serious butt.

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