Youtube, could you dump Flash please?

Years after years, Adobe can’t seem to make Flash work right on the Mac (does it work right elsewhere, I don’t know). Today I loaded a Youtube video, and after it finishing playing, despite not doing anything visible on the screen it kept taking 11% of the time on my Core 2 Duo.

Sample page with video

I’ve taken the habit of disabling plugins in Safari while I surf. This means that most of the time I just don’t bother enabling plugins and skip over embedded Flash videos. I reenable Flash only when I think I’ve found something really worth it.

Now, Safari has support for the HTML 5 <video> element, and I think it’s time Youtube start using it, falling down to Flash only when it’s not available. I can’t help but wonder how much battery life this would save to portable computers users, and how much energy would be saved on the whole.



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My CPU starts overheating when I play HD Flash videos.

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