August Sale: 35% off Magic Launch

One thing you realize when you’re selling your own product is that it doesn’t provide a very stable income: one day you can make 20 sales and the next day zero, for no apparent reason. Even the monthly average varies significantly from month to month. But during the summer, sales have slowed significantly. So I’ve been thinking about doing something to help it.

As an attempt to boost sales this summer I’m slashing 35% of Magic Launch’s price. This offer is available to everyone. No coupon code, no limit on the number of users on the license. Not even the need to know about the offer in advance: you just go to the Magic Launch purchase page and you get the reduced price. This will last until the end of August.

Perhaps it’s to be expected that sales will slow down with many people taking their vacations during summer. I certainly hope it’s a temporary thing and not that no one want Magic Launch anymore. I know too that some of you are waiting for a promotion to make their purchase. If you’re one of those, now is your chance.

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