Indie Developer Spotlight

A lot of Indie Mac developer are doing a promotion during Macworld. For the two remaining days of Macworld Expo, you can get many Mac applications at a 20% discount on the Indie Developer Spotlight list. On that list you’ll find my own product, Magic Launch, but also a lot of great Mac applications (and some for iPhone).

That said, I have to say I’m a little disappointed at the presentation of this page. I’m not sure who though it was a good idea to use 9-pixel Helvetica with a lot of wasted space around the icons and a narrow column for the often long descriptions. It looks like something copy-pasted from a spreadsheet with little attention to readability, let alone presentation. I could have made something much better in 15 minutes.

To me, it seems like Daniel Jalkut’s One Finger Discount in last November, which was the inspiration for this promotion, was much better managed despite it being much more last-minute that this one.

But still, if you’re eying a Mac application on this list, this Macworld promo is a nice occasion to get it for a little less. Only two days left!

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