Introducing Magic Launch

Some people complained when Snow Leopard stopped honoring creator codes when launching files, but creator codes were at the time the only useful category other than the file type that decided which application to launch for a given file. Magic Launch changes all that today.

With Magic Launch you can customize in multiple ways how to launch files: use creator codes for PDF files, launch HTML in your preferred editor when they’re in your web project, or write your own rule to sniff the content of a file before deciding which application to use. Associating applications is simple yet flexible.

Magic Launch does not hack your system in any way, it just changes the default application for the selected file types to Magic Launch’s dispatcher agent. The Magic Launch Agent runs only when needed, and closes immediately once the file is open so it doesn’t not consume any resource on your system while you do other things.

Magic Launch is available today for US$14, CA$15, €11, £10, or ¥1300.

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