Magic Launch goes to Metakine

It’s been a year and a half since my first release of Magic Launch in January 2010. It is now used by hundreds of people who wants to regain the productivity of when creator codes were still honored by the system or by people who wanted to define by their own rules which app to use opening a document. Magic Launch will continue to live on, but it has now found a new home.

Today, I’m handing Magic Launch to Metakine who will be the one to handle future sales, development, and technical support for this product. Or if you already are a customer, Metakine will soon email you a new licence code so you can use the Metakine version of the software.

On my side it won’t change things much because I haven’t been devoting much time to Magic Launch since the beginning of this year. Given that the last release dates from December of last year, updates are without doubt going to be more frequent and interesting now that Metakine is in charge.

I wish good luck to Metakine going forward, and good luck to myself with my next application…

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