Not in the App Store

So the Mac App Store is there, but Magic Launch isn’t in it. Like many utilities, Magic Launch does things that go beyond what Apple allows in its App Store, so it can’t be there in its current form. What’s the problem exactly? Well, there’s two issues…

  1. Magic Launch is a preference pane, not an application. The App Store is a store for applications only.

  2. Even though Magic Launch only use public APIs, it uses them to do something they weren’t meant to do. The rules forbid an application from changing how the user interface works, so it could be rejected on that ground.

Whether number 2 really breaks a rule is arguable, the only way to find out would be to submit and see if Apple rejects it. To submit I would need to transform Magic Launch into an application (even though it fits better as a preference pane), and I’d need to fork US$100 to Apple with no guaranties it’ll be accepted.

So the App Store is not in my plans at the moment. You can always purchase Magic Launch from my website.

Also, if you’re looking for a Mac software store which does accept Magic Launch as well as many other applications, take a look at Bodega.


Andy Lee

Michel, can you say more about your experience with Bodega? After articles like this one I am sure a lot of developers would be interested in a good alternative to the MAS.

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