Multi-Safari 5

I usually don’t make announcements for new versions of Multi-Safari. What I usually do is when a new version of Safari comes out, excluding minor bug-fix updates: I make a Multi-Safari package from my currently-installed version just before applying the update. Then I put the files on the internet and I update the page.

Except I used to not host the files myself however out of fear I would break my short storage and bandwidth allotment. This however has repeatedly made things complicated for me, which is why I haven’t posted any new version in the previous year.

Yesterday, I switched to a new web host (as part the big website update) to one offering more storage and more bandwidth. So I’ll give a try at hosting the files myself. Perhaps it’ll show me that all those years the problem I was dreading doesn’t really exist. Or maybe not. But at least I’ll be able to measure it and know once and for all what it takes to host these downloads.

So today I’m releasing three new versions of Multi-Safari 5 (two from OS X Lion and one from Snow Leopard) hosted directly on my server. If this proves too taxing to the server, I’ll just switch to Coralized links, which shouldn’t affect things too much.

If everything goes well, future updates might arrive more timely.

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